Kevin Pulsipher, DO

20 years of providing primary care to Delta County includes a practice style that involves a teamwork approach to each person's care. Special interests include providing the best care possible from newborns to the elderly, including preventative care. My wife and I love living in western Colorado and have raised five children here. I try to be an example by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which includes being an avid cyclist.
Board Certified Family physician
Level 2 work comp certification
FAA Aviation medical examiner (all classes)
Steve Adams, MD

I believe the best way to help patients is through educating them on their health and helping them in making their own decisions on how to care for themselves. I enjoy learning new things all the time and find family practice gives me the ability to be involved in most areas of health. This is my second career. After working as an engineer for 20 years, I went back to school for lifetime of learning in the field of medicine.
Board Certified Family Physician
Level 2 work comp certification
Hillary Wilson PA-C

11 years of experience including ENT, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Urgent Care, and Orthopedics. I have three beautiful daughters and my husband is a pediatrician in Delta. I love Family Practice and the time I get to spend with patients. Thank you for welcoming us to this wonderful community.
Alice Marie Sloven-Edmund
As a proud member of several pioneer families, I am delighted to be back home and caring families here in the valley. For 15 years, I have practiced as a family healthcare provider. Being a grandparent myself, I love the little people, delight in the teenagers, respect the needs of growing families and can empathize with the challenge of aging bodies. Caring for people has always been my lifestyle. My favorite recreational activities include floating the river, ice skating, being a grandma and quilting. Will be happy to care for your family as I care for mine.
Julie Fornier